Fashion Editorial

I received a phone call for an editorial photo session opportunity in which I was very excited to be a part of. Capturing people who are in the creative arts, specially in an extremely difficult industry such as fashion is completely challenging.  
Once I started interacting and witnessing the process behind the scenes, it was all natural to capture. Michael Costello was breezing through all of his notes and last minute tweaking of the gowns, while I was walking around shooting details of his workspace and a bit of him in action.
Its one thing to capture the editorial process for a fashion show, but its also very interesting to learn how the designer and his models engage and establish comfort with one another. I can relate to their chemistry. As a photographer its always important to have your subject feel comfortable. No matter what you're trying to accomplish, the camera will alway capture the truth.
Michael Costello always calibrates with multiple models for all of is runway shows. We had a couple of beautiful ladies who were very easy to capture. Its always a pleasure to work with models that understand the photographers side of things without any explanation.